About Our Pizza

Our Recipe:

Made from Rosati’s Family recipes passed down through generations – you can taste the tradition of authentic Italian Flavor in every bite.

Our Crust:

4 Delicious styles of Chicago Pizza – Traditional Thin Crust, our Unique Double Dough, Our World Famous Chicago Deep Dish, & Authentic Stuffed.

Our Cheese:

Rosati’s signature blend of multiple cheeses cooks up rich, golden brown & oh-so delicious. Our Fresh Vegetables: Our vegetables are fresh from the fields… crisp, flavorful garden fresh.

Our Dough:

Our pizza dough is made fresh daily, never frozen, & is baked on a traditional rotating pizza deck oven, not a conveyer belt.

Our Toppings:

Toppings Galore! The way you’d make a pizza in your home - generous portions piled on to your standards… not a scale.

Our Sauce:

Our bold sauce is made from a secret family recipe – resulting in a sweet, tangy, flavorful combination of vine-ripened tomatoes, herbs & spices.

Our Sausage:

Perfectly seasoned Italian sausage made from the original Rosati’s family recipe – always fresh & never pre-cooked.