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Why Rosati’s?

Why own a Rosati’s Franchise?

Give the people what they want

Nearly a century ago these were the simple words Sam Rosati lived by; little did he know this humble philosophy helped shape the foundation on which Rosati’s Pizza was built.

Sam’s father began the family’s rich tradition of serving delicious Italian food to customers in his New York restaurant back in the late 1890’s. After the turn of the century, the family moved to Chicago and opened yet another fine Italian restaurant featuring “Italian Style Pizza,” a tasty appetizer consisting of homemade tomato sauce served on a crispy piece of bread. In 1927, following in his father’s footsteps, Sam opened his own Italian restaurant in downtown Chicago.

When Sam retired, his sons were ready to continue the family tradition. The year was 1964 and pizza in America had evolved and was starting to take off. The first Rosati’s Pizza opened its doors in a suburb of Chicago. Other locations soon followed and Rosati’s Pizza was on the map.

Convenience, Variety, Quality And Profitability

$40 Billion dollar industry
90% Americans enjoy pizza
175 locations throughout the country

The retail pizza market has grown to an incredible 40 billion dollar industry accounting for nearly 10% of the total foodservice sales in America today. Surveys indicate 90% of the American Population enjoys pizza. Why? Because pizza is fresh, convenient, reasonably priced, and simply put, it tastes good.

Statistics also tell us that consumers want fresh toppings, flavorful cheese, rich wholesome sauce, and a crust with great taste and texture.

When today’s consumer wants a delicious home-cooked meal, that’s easy – we deliver. Or, we can have it ready for pick-up.

Fresh, high quality ingredients, pick-up or delivery. That is what the people want.
Giving people what they want is the primary reason there are over 175 Rosati’s locations throughout the country.

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